DEEP Women

SEED is grateful for the opportunity to introduce a new Women’s Empowerment program that will commence in January 2017 and will make available a much needed and in demand skill of digital literacy to women.

The Digital Entrepreneur and Employment Program for Women (DEEP Women) will promote digital and Information Communications and Technology (ICT) literacy for young women who, despite achieving educational matric, are still living in poverty and at the bottom of the pryamid. The DEEP Women program is a holistic and innovative approach that will bring positive transformation to our young women students, improving their quality of life and providing the means to eradicate the effects of poverty.

DEEP Women will promote digital literacy in the context of training and education around course modules of entrepreneurship, IT skill empowerment, business literacy training, coding and other ICT training, and “soft skills” such as creativity, collaboration, and work-readiness skills.

This vision for social change will create a platform for young women to fulfill their potential through ICT and digital literacy and will open doors of opportunity and empower the selected young women to become game changers.

Applications for our first programme intake will open in Oct 2016. Application requirements are:

  • Female between the ages of 18 – 30
  • A matric level pass with Mathematics and Science;  or
  • A national diploma (or equivalent) [1 year or 2 years]; and
  • Programme will primarily take place in Stellenbosch and transportation at your own expense