The Sewing Club!

The Sewing Club

The Sewing Club is a beautiful example of Enterprise Development spiced with Paying It Forward attitude!

Themba Lize was a fortunate and gracious recipient of an Enterprise Development grant that afforded him a much needed upgrade of his sewing machine. Not only can Themba now produce more product it allows him to operate in a ‘less stress’ environment knowing that his machine will not break down, which in the past has caused worry that his orders would be late.

Themba has decided to ‘Pay Forward’ his good fortune by starting ‘The Sewing Club’, a skills based program in which Themba will offer sewing and manufacturing skills based around his leather product range.  He and his wife, Margaret, will be running the program as a SEED skill development program and at the end of the 3 month program the ladies will have a new skill under their belt!  The ladies will learn the the craft of leatherworking and will make a small range of their own products that they can sell at the local market.

We hope the first group of five women is the start of many more!