SEED is focussed on economic development through our approach of advancing enterprises and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the most pivotal component to influence the creation of jobs and economic growth, and forms the centre of our development methodology.

At SEED, our interventions aim to create an “entrepreneurial” mindset within all our participants. It is entrepreneurial thinking that empowers individuals to become extraordinary entrepreneurs.

We also promote the development of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) literacy for entrepreneurs, as this empowers them to trade more efficiently.

Our support programmes are holistic and innovative and we offer training, assistance and information to a variety of self-sustainable businesses and social enterprises.

Our Vision

To support the development of entrepreneurship and the growth of businesses by transforming communities through nurturing entrepreneurial leadership and spirit, while offering relevant vocational skills for owning a business or seeking employment

Our Mission

To SEED the development of entrepreneurs and the growth of businesses while offering special support programs that balance and encourage female youth leadership in economic empowerment and Information Technology vocational skills.

Our principles

We believe that entrepreneurship if properly nurtured, can be a learned behavior and can be cultivated through a dedicated and structured approach that combines experiential and practical business learning with leadership development modules.

We believe in the power of a mindful presence in life and business that will empower people to reach their greatest potential

We recognize that business and personal development training, coaching and mentoring on it’s own have limited impact but when they all form part of a sustained and integrated intervention, there is great potential and amplified impact on the participants.

We believe in gender empowerment and youth development that can achieve economic and opportunity balance.

Our Strategic Goals

To support business initiatives that are viable, innovative and fit with community objectives for economic empowerment and development.

To offer quality training, coaching, and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs, from start-up through to success.

To bring awareness and to stimulate opportunities for self-employment amongst young women, to bring balance to economic empowerment.

To support economic empowerment through the formation of social enterprises and business ventures that create jobs and opportunities.

To unlock the full potential of our participants through the cultivation of emotional intelligence, purpose and passion – and to nurture them into the formal economy.