Sewing Club Update!


6 weeks into our Sewing Club Incubator and the ladies are sewing straight and great! We’ve completed practice samples, have done our costing exercises, and next week each lady will have product design ready to go! The ladies are making small totes (can be used as wallet, pencil case, etc) made from canvas and will take a personalized photograph that represents their life that will serve as the artwork! Cool stuff!\




They spoke words of truth and courage. They were vulnerable. And then even more so. They spoke of fear. And anger. They spoke of putting prison, gangs, drugs, knife wounds behind them. They spoke of putting their bad choices behind them.

Our lesson today was The Power to Choose. They have all pledged to be the Father in the Home, if only for some the child is yet born. They have all pledged to create their own path of success via entrepreneurship. We’ll get there.

SEED Sewing Club Needs Your Help!!

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Call to Action!!

We are very happy that our sewing skills programme is up and running with 5 women currently in the programme.  The women have completed their first week of our 3 month programme and are loving the process of learning valuable sewing and leather-working skills!  They will soon begin making their first product range which will be leather shoulder bags and pouches that will be sold at the weekend market in Franschoek.

We’ve run a bit short on being able to buy material and if you are able we would love your financial support of our project.  We hope to raise R10,000 which will allow for us to buy nice quality leather and other materials and possibly have a bit left over for a second hand sewing machine

Donate if you can by following the link!  Thank You!!


The Sewing Club!

The Sewing Club

The Sewing Club is a beautiful example of Enterprise Development spiced with Paying It Forward attitude!

Themba Lize was a fortunate and gracious recipient of an Enterprise Development grant that afforded him a much needed upgrade of his sewing machine. Not only can Themba now produce more product it allows him to operate in a ‘less stress’ environment knowing that his machine will not break down, which in the past has caused worry that his orders would be late.

Themba has decided to ‘Pay Forward’ his good fortune by starting ‘The Sewing Club’, a skills based program in which Themba will offer sewing and manufacturing skills based around his leather product range.  He and his wife, Margaret, will be running the program as a SEED skill development program and at the end of the 3 month program the ladies will have a new skill under their belt!  The ladies will learn the the craft of leatherworking and will make a small range of their own products that they can sell at the local market.

We hope the first group of five women is the start of many more!

DEEP Women

SEED is grateful for the opportunity to introduce a new Women’s Empowerment program that will commence in January 2017 and will make available a much needed and in demand skill of digital literacy to women.

The Digital Entrepreneur and Employment Program for Women (DEEP Women) will promote digital and Information Communications and Technology (ICT) literacy for young women who, despite achieving educational matric, are still living in poverty and at the bottom of the pryamid. The DEEP Women program is a holistic and innovative approach that will bring positive transformation to our young women students, improving their quality of life and providing the means to eradicate the effects of poverty.

DEEP Women will promote digital literacy in the context of training and education around course modules of entrepreneurship, IT skill empowerment, business literacy training, coding and other ICT training, and “soft skills” such as creativity, collaboration, and work-readiness skills.

This vision for social change will create a platform for young women to fulfill their potential through ICT and digital literacy and will open doors of opportunity and empower the selected young women to become game changers.

Applications for our first programme intake will open in Oct 2016. Application requirements are:

  • Female between the ages of 18 – 30
  • A matric level pass with Mathematics and Science;  or
  • A national diploma (or equivalent) [1 year or 2 years]; and
  • Programme will primarily take place in Stellenbosch and transportation at your own expense

Meet Tsepo!


Today we had the pleasure of meeting Tsepo, who currently is working at Lourensford Farm in Somerset West.  Tsepo works in training and skill development and his dream is to have his own training organization so that he can train and mentor youth and farm workers all over South Africa.  He speaks 5 languages and understands the importance of creating a value based training platform.