SEED offers a number of ED programs and manage various projects that enable the development of micro and emerging enterprises from disadvantaged communities.

Please see our project page for more information or contact our office to arrange a project visit.

If you wish to donate funds towards any of our projects, use the facility on this page or arrange for a personal consultation.

Direct benefits offered to Corporate Sponsors

  • Points on B-BBEE scorecard (We provide sufficient supporting evidence for your annual B-BBEE verification)
  • Tax deduction on contribution (18A tax certificate)
  • Reports on social outcomes of sponsorships (For inclusion in integrated sustainability reports and to demonstrate corporate responsibility)

Beneficiary benefits

  • Rewarding self-starters (entrepreneurs) & improving livelihoods
  • Economic Development: Offering direct benefit to local economic development
  • Community integration: Partnership formation between business and disadvantaged communities


The SEED program is transparently monitored through narrative and financial audit reports proving the following:

    • That beneficiaries are operating a business and that the business qualifies as an ED beneficiary.
    • That funding received will be allocated towards the development of specific qualifying ED beneficiaries.
    • That the ED beneficiaries will receive benefit from a SEED intervention. In other words, SEED gives detailed evidence of the interventions that took place, what the intervention cost, when the intervention was delivered, and how the intervention benefited the ED beneficiary.