KCD was founded by local NGO, Stellenbosch Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development (SEED).  After 10 years of empowering entrepreneurs in the region, we are actively focussing our interventions on self-sustainable entrepreneurial ventures as a solution to local economic development.

In the light of our objectives as an NGO, it is our vision to develop a self-sustainable social enterprise focus on tourism service provision in Kaymandi. KCD, or the Kayamandi Creative District offers international youth travellers and adventure seekers authentic afrocentric excursions.

Much of authentic Township life and culture remains hidden to mainstream travellers, yet there is such a big desire and curiosity to learn more about the African way of life.  Millennials as a generational group do not want a filtered travel experience, but rather true local connection and realness.

The KCD vision can be summaries as follows:

To enable local Kayamandi based tourism service providers to gain maximum financial gain by attracting international clients directly.  The value chain is very long and local service providers often only gain a fraction of the income created by the travellers that they service.  By directly marketing to international youth travel buyers better prices can be set and larger visitor numbers obtained.

To grow and formalise local travel service providers and establishments.  Attracting income to validate the existence of the many ailing travel service providers in Kaymandi creates an ideal environment for the formalisation and development of theses local enterprises.

To have a meaningful impact on the local economical development of the area.  Ultimately our vision is to aid with the eradication of poverty by stimulating business growth and developing entrepreneurs. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Stellenbosch and it stands to reason that one of the  solutions for local economic growth lies in channeling income towards Township based enterprises.  The travel industry also offers an array of job opportunities for employment seekers.

To educate the Kayamandi community on the value of tourism in terms of economic growth in the area.  In order to have a sustainable and lucrative tourism industry in the area, local residents need to understand the value of tourists and our vision is to create a tourist friendly environment that is welcoming and safe.To build an independent social enterprise in a “hybrid” format.  SEED will offer strategic oversight, funding and support to the enterprise, yet it is our vision to have a profitable entity that also serves our development objectives, being local economic development through enterprises and entrepreneurial growth.To be web based  It is essential for our vision, to have a totally web based and “slick” marketing, communication and business management solution.  Our vision is to create a platform that can offer a robust, controlled and agile business management.

KCD Cycling at Stellenbosch Wine Routes

This enterprise is a new up-start supported by SEED.  Entrepreneur Luxolo Jekem has with our help established KCD Bicycle Tours and Rental at a prime tourism centre operated by The Stellenbosch Wineroutes organisation.

KCD, or the Khayamandi Creative District also includes guided Township tours, Township B&B rentals and volunteer support.

We offered support in terms of funding, opportunities through our network, mentoring and marketing services.

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