Previous Projects

SEED has successfully delivered a range of projects within our scope of developing entrepreneurs and enterprises. We have offered services to over 1 000 beneficiaries over the last 10 years.

Herewith please find a summary:

Finland South Africa Association (2007 – 2013)

In 2006 the Finland South Africa Association called for an organisation to manage a new initiative that would provide training and mentoring support to emerging micro entrepreneurs throughout South Africa. The strategic objective of the program was to create and administer a business support program that would focus on the development of micro enterprises and that would nurture their growth from the informal to formal market.

In 2007 the FSAA organisation selected The Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT) to administer this important initiative and thereby created the GSDT partner project entitled Stellenbosch Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development (SEED). The FSAA/SEED programme allowed for over 800 people to participate in micro business training and mentoring support over the seven year period.

Cape Winelands District Municipality Entrepreneurial SEED Fund and Small Farmer Support Programme (2011 – 2015)

SEED was selected as the service provider to design, develop and implement the 2011/2012 Cape Winelands District Municipality Entrepreneurial SEED Fund Programme. During the 12 month programme the 88 selected entrepreneurs had the opportunity to participate in 104 hours of classroom training that focused on building foundation business principles, financial literacy, marketing, selling and personal behaviour skills, and creating successful work systems and processes around all aspects of the business. The entrepreneur also had the opportunity of at least 12 hours (more hours were available for critical business interventions such as tender applications) of one-on-one mentoring (more hours were added for critical business interventions such as tender applications) with their dedicated mentor, as well 3 hours of coaching with a certified accountant.

SEED was again selected as the service provider for the programme for the financial years of 2012 – 2015. The foundation of the programme expanded to included 3 accredited training modules as well as monthly coaching and support. The SEED programme provided successful results in that of the 261 businesses that participated, 73% of the businesses implemented new and important business processes and systems with 68% improving their business turnover during the course of the intervention. The SEED programme was uniquely designed for CWDM and provided a flexible alternative as programmes such as business support (non-selected candidates) and small farmer support assistance were added in 2012 and continued through 2015. The benefit of having the programme for multiple years is that entrepreneurs were able to be supported on a rolling basis, with some entrepreneurs in such critical growth stage that they were able to participate for two years.

SEED Khaya Power ‘Sun Sister’s Clean Energy Project (2016)

SEED, in partnership with Khaya Power, initiated a pilot project called ‘Sun Sisters Clean Energy Project’ in the informal community of Vlottenburg (Western Cape). 6 off grid households each received a clean cook stove and solar juice box which provided lighting and charging station. In addition, 1 eco entrepreneur retail/charging station business was established using business model that solar juice box is re-charged at the eco entrepreneur business and additional solar products are sold. The household participants paid a subsidized fee for the initial equipment (10% of value) and then paid a small sum to the eco entrepreneur retail business of charging the electricity box of R15 x 10 charges. Once the participant paid the R15 x 10 they received their own solar panel. This model worked successfully in the establishment of the eco village and is being reviewed for further grant opportunity so as to replicate and up-scale the project. This project serves as a women’s empowerment programme.

Craft Create Women Empowerment Programme (2013)

SEED launched a collaborative program with Cause Development Agency called Craft Create, which providing training and mentoring to 25 female entrepreneurs from the craft industry. The programme provided a transfer of business knowledge, personal development, and creativity training that was then practically applied in producing craft items to create immediate income. The programme curriculum included creative design, behaviour for business, practical costing applications, banking, and invoicing.

Cape Breeders Association Micro Entrepreneur Development Programme (2012)

In 2013 SEED partnered with Cape Breeders Association and successfully designed, developed, and implemented a micro entrepreneur programme that was offered to 100 entry level groomsmen as employed in the breeding industry. The intention of the programme was to offer an up-skill opportunity to the target members and to increase their basic business skill and awareness, promoting them on a programme of a small scale shareholding opportunity within the breeding industry.